Invest Detroit Foundation

Invest Detroit Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization and certified Community Development Financial Institution formed exclusively for the purpose of receiving and administering funds for charitable, educational and scientific purposes.

IDF promotes a higher quality of life for distressed communities, primarily in the City of Detroit through attracting new industry, encouraging the development of business, housing, transportation and other community resources. IDF provides loans and financial assistance to promote community development and combat community deterioration and economic blight.

The IDF loan programs provide funding, generally in the form of loans, to qualified applicants to encourage revitalization and development. In concert with operating the loan programs, IDF also conducts programmatic activities that include planning, spearheading and developing strategies for urban revitalization.

The impact of the IDF loan programs includes the creation of jobs and training to the unemployed and persons of low income, and providing quality housing for the low-income community.

IDF Funds are financing resources aimed at encouraging projects where the necessary financing is not available from traditional sources, or may be available, but at high rates and restrictive terms. Financing may also be unavailable because of the poor credit risks of financing a project in the designated area. Projects will also be evaluated based on whether they have received support from local community groups, institutions and public agencies. Loans and the repayment of funds are offered upon terms and conditions that are not available from traditional private and public financing sources.

IDF Loan Programs include: