Equal Health is Rethinking Healthcare

December 17th, 2019

Ashwin Puri on our ID Ventures team introduces us to one of their new portfolio companies–a Michigan startup that is bringing more choice and less expensive options to employer-paid medical plans.

ID Ventures invests in Michigan startups across a wide range of sectors, and a trait our portfolio companies have in common is looking to improve the way their industry does business. With some of the top universities, forward thinking companies, and a lot of Michigan determination, our state has a wealth of innovative minds and startups that are making a huge impact across a number of fields.

One of those innovative minds belongs to Ameeth Reddy, founder of Equal Health — a company looking to significantly improve the quality and cost of employer-paid health care through offering Direct Primary Care (DPC) memberships. DPC has emerged as a trend in primary care because of its simplicity for both doctors and patients. Instead of billing through insurance for primary care services, patients pay a monthly membership fee (and no copays) for unlimited access to their doctor and receive same-day appointments, longer and more personal visits, and discounts on tests and prescriptions.

We got to know Ameeth (pictured above) through Detroit-based startup studio Assembler Labs, which was founded in 2018 by formerly Seattle-based entrepreneurs Ian Sefferman and Patrick Haig. Assembler partners with outstanding founders like Ameeth to build startup companies and spin them out to raise independent capital, while providing operational and technical support.

There are two primary challenges that Equal Health is working to solve: cost and choice. For employers, healthcare costs are the second highest operating expense, directly after payroll, and many of their health plans have limitations on health care provider selections. This limited choice for employees often directs them to large facilities with less expediency and personalized attention. There are many independent DPC doctors who can offer this personalized attention and help employers contain costs, but they have trouble connecting and working with larger employers because of capacity and HR constraints.

Equal Health is making it possible to connect employers with local, DPC doctors to bring down their health care costs and  provide more freedom to employees. This means improved access, more personalized care, and faster appointments. Providing the opportunity for employees to have more agency over their health care options means happier employees and better productivity. Their goal is take this concept nationwide.

We are excited to welcome Equal Health into our portfolio of companies. As the company is still in an early stage, we are working to connect Ameeth with investors and potential clients to help scale the company to reach its national goals. For more information on Equal Health, visit their website at https://www.tryequal.com/