Creating Fitness Experiences in Detroit’s West Village

January 30th, 2019

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Michigan, and an important component of preventing heart disease is exercise. But it can be difficult to get motivated, and fitness centers can often feel uncomfortably exclusive. Amina Daniels, founder of Live Cycle Delight in Detroit’s West Village, is here to change that. With support from Invest Detroit, Hatch Detroit, and others, Amina opened Live Cycle Delight in March 2017 with a goal of creating a boutique fitness facility that welcomes everyone. By being affordable, embedded in the neighborhood, and designing classes that feel like experiences, she wants to create a community that helps people feel included and encouraged by each other to do the work required to get and stay healthy.

Born and raised in Detroit, Amina had a successful career in New York City as a podcast pioneer and working for top fashion brands and startups. As a former track athlete, fitness was always a big part of her life, and when she decided to make it her business, she came back to Detroit. “There’s more of an opportunity to create my own space here as a small business owner. And with higher rates of cardiovascular disease and diabetes here in Michigan and less access to inclusive fitness, my cycling studio can have a bigger impact.” Recovering from a bicycle accident, Amina began to pitch the concept of a cycling studio while wearing a cast on her foot—a clear example of her passion for what she does. And after working with Derek Edwards at Invest Detroit and looking at over 92 potential spaces, she landed at a location on Agnes Street in West Village. “West Village proved to be a really good fit for me. I love the walkability and being in the neighborhoods. It’s a community here.”

Live Cycle Delight has quickly become a favorite, and Amina has recently opened a second studio around the corner on Van Dyke inside the Coe building – a project supported by Invest Detroit’s Strategic Neighborhood Fund. LCD Hot allowed Live Cycle Delight to expand classes, offering more functional training classes and increasing TRX straps and kettlebells. They added infrared heating panels to the ceiling and shifted Pilates and yoga classes to the new space to increase their capacity and connect with more participants. The new space maintains Amina’s commitment to providing a fitness experience in spaces that feel good and welcoming and, as Amina put is, “an opportunity to have your moment.” Even in her retail career, Amina knew the importance of creating an experience. “The outfit became a moment; the dress made them feel good. Fitness can do that, too, you just have to put in the work.”

Invest Detroit is proud to partner with passionate business owners like Amina who is bringing amenities like these to Detroit neighborhoods. If you’re looking to have your moment of fitness and inspiration at a facility that welcomes everyone, or if you’re a rock star instructor looking for a place to shine, check out Live Cycle Delight and LCD Fitness.