The Coe

Supporting Local Developers

4.2M New Construction

12 Residential Units – 3 Deeply affordable (60% AMI)

Islandview/Greater Villages neighborhood

An important component of the Strategic Neighborhood Fund (SNF) and our real estate work in general is supporting the careers of local, community-minded developers and increasing their capacity to support long-term, inclusive economic renewal in Detroit. Cliff Brown of Woodborn Partners (pictured) had some development experience but was interested in leading his own commercial project when we partnered with him in 2016. The result was the first SNF commercial corridor project, The Coe, a mixed-use development with 12 residential units and two retail units occupied by local small businesses.

In addition to a financial investment, we support developers like Cliff with technical assistance throughout the development process as needed. Such collaboration allows developers to gain valuable experience and build their expertise in an environment that supports their success. Cliff not only completed The Coe in 2017, but it is fully occupied and helped set the stage for other developments in the neighborhood, including the Parker Durand. Building upon his success, Cliff has moved on to other projects in the city, including a second larger SNF development in Southwest Detroit.