What We Do

We Seed Michigan

ID Ventures funds Michigan-based high-growth tech startups throughout the early stages of development to find product-market fit and prepare for scale. Through a variety of funds, we support companies in the post-idea stage from Pre-seed to Series A sized rounds:

Series seed
Series A

In addition to capital, we employ a team of experts across a variety of sectors who provide technical support designed to help attract capital, grow your team, and develop relationships across a range of business functions.

Our goal is to scale promising ventures into thriving companies that help support the state’s economy, provide jobs to local talent, and bolster Michigan’s growing startup community.

Opportunity Matters

Invest Detroit Ventures invests in women and minorities at 4x the national average because we see great opportunity in entrepreneurs that don’t fit the traditional molds. Michigan and its cities have great promise in growing high-tech hubs. By providing opportunities to underrepresented entrepreneurs, we can ensure representation, respect our state’s diversity, and create a start-up community unlike any other.

Project Name

Criteria for Funding

When considering investment opportunities, we look at a broad range of sectors and startups that meet the following criteria:

Key founders and at least one full-time employee in Michigan
Minimum Viable Product created
Tech-enabled or high-tech component
For-profit LLC, C Corp, or S Corp
Identified scalable path
Demonstrated progress against business model

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