For Applicants

Each year, the Hacker Fellows program accepts 15 fellows and 10 interns.

• Fellows are recent graduates that attend a 5-week training program to become a full-time employee for one year. Check the 2019 calendar here.

• Interns are current students who attend a 1-week training program to become an intern for a 3-month summer program. The 2019 Hacker Fellows internship program runs from May 19, 2019 until July 26, 2019. Check the full 2019 calendar here.


How it works:
1. Apply: Start your application.

2. Interview: A phone and in-person interview with the Hacker team and a short code assignment.

3. Match: Connect with participating companies through our online portal and then in-person interviews with your matches.

4. Train: A 5-week training program for Fellows and a 1-week training program for Interns to sharpen your skills and prepare for your first day.

5. Work: Fellows begin their one-year assignment, and Interns begin their 3-month internship.You will be supported by ongoing mentorship, meet-ups, and other activities.

Cristian Guillen
Hacker Fellows Intern '17
Ripple Science

“Hacker Fellows has built a fun and energetic community of developers who are there to support and help each other. I’m glad to know if I am stuck on any development I can message another fellow or intern to help.”

Jessica Wu
Hacker Fellows '16
New Foundry

“Hacker Fellows helped me build confidence in my abilities and passions as a software developer, as well as gave me the tools and network to continue growing those skills.”

Yoseph Radding
Hacker Fellows '17
Red Ventures

“Hacker Fellows really opened my eyes to the blossoming startup community in Detroit. It connected me to people inside the program and Michigan’s startup community.”

Below is a list of criteria that we have for prospective Hacker Fellows. Definitely still apply if you don’t fit all of the criteria but believe you have what it takes to become a fellow!

Graduation between 2015-2018
Computer Science Major, Computer Engineer or equivalent
Graduating from an accredited College or University
Energized about making an impact in the Michigan startup community
A passion for Hackathons and Startup Weekend type events
Want to preserve your creativity and individuality in the workplace. Definitely weird and cool with it
What are the requirements for potential Fellows?
  • Graduation between 2015-2018
  • Computer Science Major, Computer Engineer or equivalent
  • Graduating from an accredited College or University
  • Energized about making an impact in the Michigan startup community
  • A passion for Hackathons and Startup Weekend type events
What are the requirements for potential Interns?
  • Currently pursuing a computer science major, computer engineer or equivalent
  • Interested in pursuing a career within a Michigan startup
  • A passion for Hackathons and Startup Weekend type event
Is this a free program?

Hacker Fellows is 100% free of charge to fellows and companies. This is possible because of the generous support of our partnering organizations. Both fellows and interns are compensated.

Do you accept students with majors other than Computer Science?

This program accepts Computer Science majors and equivalent majors. (e.g. Computer Engineering, Computer Software, etc.). We definitely look at and respect candidates that are self-taught and have much real-world experience. If you are not in school to be a technician but you’re a hacker and have the skills to prove it, you belong!

How will Hacker Fellows help my professional network?

Hacker Fellows is growing a network of developers and startups. Before getting accepted to the program, we introduce you to current and alumni fellows. During the program, you will have the opportunity to meet many tech startups, alumni fellows in-person and grow deep roots with our partnering organizations.

How do I know where I'll work?

The Hacker Fellows portal will allow you to research participating startups, express interest and schedule conversations. Fellows will work with the startup that shares a common interest. Ultimately, it’s up to you and the participating startups to decide where you work. Hacker Fellows’ core staff is actively involved in the recruiting process, but ultimately both the fellow and the company have to agree that there’s a good fit!

What are the benefits?

There are many. First, working at a local start up to advance your career. Second, additional training through our entrepreneurial bootcamp. Third, financial benefits:

For Fellows:

  • $1,100 5-week bootcamp living stipend
  • $1,500 post bootcamp move-in bonus
  • $15,000 salary boost
  • At least a $60,000 recommended full-time salary

For Interns:

  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

Fourth, building your community of peers through cohort activities and access to other professionals in the field.

What happens when my assignment is completed?

Although we do not provide the company a salary subsidy after the completed term, fellows do not see a decrease in salary after we stop granting their company dollars. Your talent is meant to get the startup to the next level within the year of you working for them. After 12 months the startup should be further along and have the ability to support your salary without our help. For interns, we keep you connected to the Hacker community to help keep you engaged until you’re ready for employment.

Who are the players involved?
Will you sponsor work visas?

We welcome international fellows, but we cannot offer work sponsorship.